Guilty? Fatal Fentanyl Overdose

32-year-old Dontrell Wise of Buffalo New York was recently convicted. He was convicted of several charges. These charges included possession with intent to sell fentanyl and distribution of fentanyl causing death.

He was found guilty in the death of a woman who died of a fatal fentanyl overdose in New York.

Wise was the one who sold the woman fentanyl. It caused the death of a 28-year-old woman in 2017. This follows a recent string of arrests of those who have knowingly sold people deadly amounts of drugs.

This is the first conviction in New York of this kind though. It is a good step forward.

Often times fentanyl is used to cut other, cheaper drugs. Fentanyl is considered to be very potent. It can cause an intense high. This is why it is used to cut other more expensive drugs. It is added to the mix to help stretch out the dealers’ supply. That way they can make more money.

The problem is fentanyl is very easy to overdose on. Especially for people who haven’t taken fentanyl before having too much can be fatal. This is actually known quite well.

That is why authorities have started holding dealers responsible. They know they are risking the lives of their customers. They are basically selling overdoses in a baggie.

Many people’s bodies can’t handle the potency of fentanyl. More than that, they don’t even know what they are taking. Many drugs shouldn’t be mixed together and can be fatal.

That is why police are cracking down on those who risk that. Obviously, drug dealers already don’t care about their communities. But to knowingly sell something that will kill someone is an unforgivable crime.

More and more often people like Wise are facing their punishment.


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