Corpus Christi Woman Sold Son To Help Clear Her Drug Debt And It Is Heart Wrenching

Corpus Christi Woman Sold Son To Help Clear Her Drug Debt And It Is Heart Wrenching

Some people should just not have children, and that’s a fact. It doesn’t matter how wealthy someone is or their age or experience, if they are willing to love their child and do right by them, then it doesn’t matter. Being on food stamps or not having a great job doesn’t make someone a bad parent, but trying to sell your kid does.

We easily make snap judgments when we see people with too many kids, we decide they don’t deserve them or shouldn’t have them. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that the kid is alive and has needs and deserves for those needs to be met.

The people in this world who don’t deserve kids are the type of people who do not appreciate what they have. Not everyone wants kids but they can quickly end up with them since they only way not to have them is to abstain from intercourse.

Usually, parents end up loving their kid as soon as they are born and enjoy raising them and learning who they are as a person. They know it’s hard but they figure it’s worth it and they would always put their child first.

All too often though we hear stories of children being abused or hurt by the people who are mean to take care of them. It is undeniably disgusting and heart-wrenching. This is the case of Corpus Christi woman Esmeralda Garza.

Her seven-year-old son loved and trusted his mother just the same as any other innocent child would. Garza repaid that love and loyalty in the worst way. You see, Garza had ended up racking up quite the debt.

She and her boyfriend owed money thanks to drug use, and she has no way to pay that money. So she put up her son as collateral and attempted to sell him to get the money she needed to clear her debts. Yes, she tried to sell her child.

Garza gave her son up to a woman for $500, and was promised that the woman would clear her drug debt and then pay up another $700 when some official paperwork was signed giving her custody. That’s what her child was worth to her. Clearly, he was more a burden to her and her boyfriend who needed money and space to use all the drugs that they desired.

To Garza, her sweet seven-year-old boy was worth $2,500.

Luckily, the courts saw her for the monster she was. Garza was convicted on three counts of selling or purchasing a child. This is a third degree felony. Convictions for Garza also included money laundering which is also quite severe and the conspiracy to child trafficking. These are both state jail felonies in her case.

This is just a horrible story to even think about, and that poor boy is going to have a lot to deal with in the days ahead. This is why it is important that if you think a child is in an unsafe situation then report it to the authorities.

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